Heat Storage for Gen IV Reactors for

Variable Electricity from Base-load Reactors Workshop 

July 23-24, 2019

Idaho State University

Bennion Student Union Building, 1784 Science Center Drive, Idaho Falls Idaho

Business Casual


Electricity markets are changing because of (1) the addition of wind and solar and (2) the goal of a low-carbon economy. This results in times of low and high prices that reduces revenue for reactors that produce base-load electricity. The addition of heat storage enables GenIV reactors operating at base-load to produce variable electricity to the grid that increases revenue and produces the variable electricity that the electricity grid needs. Heat storage costs are an order-of-magnitude less than electricity storage technologies (batteries, etc.). The workshop explores the technical and institutional challenges of heat storage to develop a path forward. The higher temperatures of GenIV reactors substantially reduces the cost of storage relative to LWRs—providing a large incentive for their development. The workshop includes the concentrated solar power (CSP) community that is developing many of the same heat storage systems for the same reasons.   




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