​​​​​​Reports - Graphite R&​D

As-Run Physics Analysis for the AGC-4 Experiment Irradiated in the ATRGraphite R&RD
This ECAR documents the results of the ATR detailed physics analyses performed to calculate the displacements per atom and the fast neutron fluence (E > 0.1 MeV) of the Advanced Graphite Creep experiment, AGC-4, irradiated in the ATR East Flux Trap during ATR Cycle 157D, 158A, 162A, 162B, 164A, 164B, 166A, and Cycle 166B.
AGC-4 Experiment Irradiation Monitoring Data Qualification Final ReportGraphite R&RD
(December 2020) The Graphite Technology Development Program ran a series of six experiments to quantify the effects of irradiation on nuclear grade graphite. This report focuses on the fourth experiment, Advanced Graphite Creep 4 (AGC 4). The Advanced Reactor Development (ARD) Technology Development Office (TDO) Program for research and development activities require documentation of qualified monitoring data to design and license the first high-temperature reactor nuclear plant. Qualified data meets the requirements for use as described in the experiment planning and quality assurance documents. (
HDG-1 Graphite Preirradiation Data Package ReportGraphite R&RD
This report documents all pre-irradiation examination material-property measurement data for graphite specimens that are going to be used within the first high dose graphite (HDG) -1 irradiation capsule. The two new HDG capsules signify a major change to the AGC Experiment. HDG-1 and HDG-2 will replace the last two AGC capsules (AGC-5 and AGC-6) which were designed to irradiate graphite at the extreme upper operational temperatures for a VHTR design, 1100°C.
USDOE ART Graphite – Selection and Acquisition StrategyGraphite R&RD
The previous Selection and Acquisition Strategy document dates from 2007 . Since then, significant changes have occurred with reactor vendors and with the graphite manufacturers. There have also been changes in the membership of the Gen IV International Forum. These factors were considered when formulating a revised selection and selection strategy. In summary, the new graphite selection and acquisition plan is that no graphite billets will be purchased until there is new graphite production (NBG-18, PCEA). Existing supplies of NBG-17, NBG-18, PCEA, IG-110, 2114 are considered enough for future work.
Status Report on ASME Code Development for Nonmetallic Core Components in 2020Graphite R&RD
The purpose of this report is to provide a status update on the progress and ongoing activities of the current ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code Section III, Division 5, on nonmetallic core components and assemblies which includes the design rules for graphite and ceramic composite materials.
AGC 3 Irradiated Material Properties AnalysisGraphite R&RD
This report documents the analysis of the irradiated material property data from the Advanced Graphite Creep (AGC)-3 graphite specimens. This is the third in a series of six irradiation test trains planned as part of the AGC experiment to fully characterize the neutron irradiation effects and radiation creep behavior of current nuclear graphite grades.