Welcome to the Nuclear Data Management and Analysis System (NDMAS) portal to INL's Advanced Reactor Technologies program. NDMAS comprises databases, a team of data scientists,​​ and web-based tools for an​alysis and display of data from INL's nuclear fuel and materials research programs. Access to NDMAS from outside INL is generally provided on a per-project basis, by permission of the relevant project manager.​ See below to access public and access-controlled pages.​​​

Access-controlled NDMAS Pages

NDMAS Home​​​​​​​​

To request access, send an email to Keith.Wilson@inl.gov and Kirk.Fitzgerald@inl.gov​​ indicating which project data you seek. 

​If you have an N​​​DMAS account and have forgotten your password​ but remember your security picture and word, you can use the INL Self Service site to reset your password​.​​​​

Public NDMAS​ Pages​​

ART Graphite R&D ​Program​