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ART Licensing

Project Summary

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ART Licensing

The mission of ART Licensing is to work closely with industry, NRC staff, and other potential contributors to identify and resolve key licensing and regulatory issues for advanced reactor developers, future owner/operators, and other affected industry stakeholders. The goal, or "end state", of the work being performed is establishment of a licensing pathway for non-light water reactors (LWRs) that is sufficiently robust and well defined so that reactor developers, their sponsors, and interested owner/operators can move forward with increased clarity and reasonable assurance of licensing success that in-turn leads to commercial deployments. In particular, it is intended that resolution of the key licensing issues addressed by this work does not impact the "critical path" to non-LWR development, demonstration, and commercialization.

When establishing its priorities, Regulatory Development focuses first on those activities that address and resolve challenges that are advanced reactor technology-inclusive.  This identification of priority regulatory framework development activities is closely coordinated through interfaces with the DOE Advanced Reactor Technologies (ART) Program technology campaigns, with industry (e.g., Nuclear Energy Institute [NEI], Electric Power Research Institute [EPRI}, etc.), and with the NRC's Near Term Implementation Action Plans. Activities currently being emphasized include consideration of the following reactor technologies:

  • Sodium Fast Reactors (SFRs)

  • Lead Fast Reactors (LFRs)

  • Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors (GFRs)

  • Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (mHTGRs)

  • Fluoride High Temperature Reactors (FHRs)

  • Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs).


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