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ART Licensing

Project Summary

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INL ART Licensing focuses on identifying and addressing areas of uncertainty regarding rules and regulatory guidelines that will be applied in the future by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) when reviewing license applications for advanced reactors, such as modular high temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs). Starting with the current regulatory framework, which is based on light water reactor (LWR) technology, Licensing supports the NRC in activities to address key advanced reactor licensing and policy issues, aiming to provide greater clarity for institutions that may wish to apply these guidelines in the future to advanced reactors.

 Licensing also identifies and recommends the prioritization of licensing-related research activities necessary to close current knowledge gaps to support reactor licensing and deployment schedules. This information is compiled into the Regulatory Technology Development Plan (RTDP), which is ultimately useful in helping to establish a future technical base for those who wish to license an advanced reactor, such as a modular HTGR or Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR), with the NRC.

ART Licensing is working to establish a Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) framework, a tool that can be used to assist in future design and licensing by providing an advanced framework for assessing a range of possible advanced reactor risks. ​