​ Graphite

The Graphite program supports the High Temperature Reactor (HTR) design and licensing process. The thermal, environmental, and service life conditions within a graphite core reactor design make selection and qualification of the graphite materials a significant challenge; thus, new graphite sources and approaches may be required. In addition, due to the geologic nature of graphite source materials, small but significant variations within these raw materials exacerbate difficulties in qualification of a single graphite grade. To address these additional complications, the Graphite program includes graphite grades that span the range of possible attributes affecting the performance of graphite components within these HTRs and thus provide data and information to accurately predict and model irradiated graphite behavior.

Objectives of the Graphite program include the following:

  • Expansion of ASME codes and ASTM international standards for graphite nuclear components

  • Development and qualification of graphite sources

  • Development of irradiation performance of a variety of nuclear graphite grades

  • Definition and development of inspection needs and associated procedures

  • Support of selected university graphite‑related R&D activities that would directly benefit the HTR through fundamental behavior studies of underlying irradiation mechanisms

  • Support of international graphite‑related collaboration activities (for qualification and fundamental behavior studies) through the DOE‑sponsored GIF Materials and Components PMB.


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